Church History

K.A.G. free area church was started in 1991 in a small rented house with five members,

Two men and three women. Later in the same year the church managed to buy a

Plot at a cost of Ksh. 180,000. The funds were received from the K.A.G. headquarters

Plot fund. We constructed a semi-permanent building which was used as the house of

Worship and church office.

At this time the membership had increased to 25. The first pastor, Duncan Kariuki left the church in 1994 after ministering for 4 years. The elders of the church took charge and steered it for one year to 1995; by then the membership had increased to 35.

In 1995 Bishop Wallace Mbugua joined the church as a pastor from K.A.G Bahati. He brought in new leadership and new visions for the church. The pastor and the church board decided to buy the current plot and transfer the church there since it is near the shopping center and the main road. The place is also easily accessible

In 1997 the church organized two fund raising where Ksh. 300,000 was raised and a plot was purchased at the cost of Ksh. 330,000. The construction of the church was started in 1999. It took two years to complete through fund raising. The church has a siting capacity of 300 worshipers.

Since then the church has been established under the leadership of Bishop Wallace Mbugua and has been explosive in size, spiritual dynamics and missionary passion. It has established new churches in Lanet section which are now Independent.

On 9th August 2015, we celebrated the retirement of Bishop Wallace Mbugua who handed over the church to the current Pastor, Rev. Charles M. Ndachi.

There are so many developments that have taken place which include among others, buying  the adjacent plot at a cost of Ksh 720,000 which now houses the Compassion development projects, parking and playground.